Install Ngrok in Termux without error 2020 ||TECH RAHMAN||

Install Ngrok in Termux without error 2020 ||Tech Rahman|| 

Hi everyone

Today in this Blog I will teach you how you can install or configure ngrok in Termux.

What is Ngrok...?

ngrok could be a cross-platform application that permits developers to show an area development server to the web with negligible effort. The software system makes your locally-hosted net server seem to be hosted on a subdomain of, which means that no public science or name on the native machine is required.

What is Ngrok used for...?

ngrok permits you to reveal an internet server running on your native machine to the netsimply tell ngrok what port your internet server is listening on.

Is Ngrok secure..?

ngrok could be a tunneling, reverse proxy that establishes secure tunnels from a public termination to a regionally running network service whereas capturing all traffic for examination and replay. it's associate degree ASCII text file project on GitHub. ... Open reverse proxies like ngrok ar traffic sinks, and therefore not susceptible to those sorts of abuses.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or any Browser search for

Step 2: Click to sigup button & Create ngrok account.

Step 3: Download Linux (ARM) file.

Step 4: Copy ngrok authtoken.

Step 5: Go to your File manager.

Step 6: open Download folder.

Step 7: Extract ngrok file.

Step 8: Open ngrok extracted folder select ngrok file and move to the phone storage (all files)

Step 9: open Termux & Type following commands one by one.

Step 10:
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade
  • termux-setup-storage
  • ls
  • cd /sdcard
  • ls
  • cd ngrok $HOME
Step 11: close & reopen the termux.
  • ls
  • chmod +x ngrok
  • ls
  • paste your authtoken here
  • ls
  • ./ngrok http 80
  • Make sure to turn on HOTSPOT while using ngrok server. 

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I hope this blog helps you out.
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