How to install Cyberscan in Termux

Install Cyberscan in Termux


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What is Cyberscan?
        CyberScan is an open source pentration testing tool that can analyse packets, decoding, scanning ports, pinging and geolocation of an IP including (Latitude, Longitude, Region, Country etc.....)

Step 1: Open Google Play Store & Download
  • Termux
  • Termux -API
Step 2: Open Termux and Type following commands that given below.
  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • apt install git
  • apt install python
  • apt install python2
  • git clone
  • cd CyberScan
  • python2 -v
  • CyberScan -h

Usage :

  • cd CyberScan
  • python2 -v
  • CyberScan -h

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