Common useful WINDOWS/UNIX commands



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SNo. Windows Linux Description
1. dir ls -l Directory listing
2. ren mv Rename a file
3. copy cp Copying a file
4. move mv Moving a file
5. cls clear Clear Screen
6. del rm Delete file
7. fc diff Compare contents of files
8. find grep Search for a string in a file
9. command /? man command Display the manual/help details of the command
10. chdir pwd Returns your current directory location
11. time date Displays the time
12. cd cd Change the current directory
13. md mkdir To create a new directory/folder
14. echo echo To print something on the screen
15. edit vim(depends on editor) To write in to files.
16. exit exit To leave the terminal/command window.
17. format mke2fs or mformat To format a drive/partition.
18. free mem To display free space.
19. rmdir rm -rf/rmdir To delete a directory.
20. taskkill kill To kill a task.
21. tasklist ps x To list running tasks.
22. set var=value export var=value To set environment variables.
23. attrib chown/chmod To change file permissions.
24. tracert traceroute To print the route packets trace to network host.
25. at cron daemon to execute scheduled commands.
26. type cat To print contents of a file.
27. ping ping To send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.
28. nslookup nslookup To query Internet name servers interactively.
29. chdisk du -s For disk usage.
30. tree ls -R To list directory recursively.


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