How to write a mail to delete any account online

The websites and cloud-based applications offer the feature to delete your online account, but these accounts are only temporarily deleted.


In some cases, they would ask the users to send a support email instead of deleting it.

You’d want to delete the accessible/inaccessible account. How where do you need to compose a support email.


Why delete your old online account?

 You’d need to strengthen your security by assessing unused online accounts and deleting them permanently.


How to write a mail to Delete an Online Account?

Old accounts are a security risk. Not only do many old accounts have weaker passwords, but those sites may also have poor data protection policies. Reduce your security risks by deleting old accounts. 


Here is an email template you can send to the support team requesting to delete your online account from their database.


SUBJECT: Request to delete my account from (Website/Application).


Dear (Company Name/Customer Support Team),


I have an account in your database with the name …. and the email address …. for some reason, I have decided not to use the account again. So I request that you kindly delete my account from your database and delete all Email notifications, additional email addresses, marketing emails, payment detail, or any other information.




Registered Email Address:

Phone Number (Optional)


Note: The name, email address, and phone number that will be contained in the mail must be linked to the account you want to delete. This will be evidence that you are the real owner of the account. If your mobile number is not linked to the account, there will be no need to add any phone number.



Other Methods to Delete the Account


  • By calling customer service/support on the mobile phone to delete your account
  • Chatting the customer services/support to delete your online account.
  • Deleting your account through the official website of the company.
  • By composing and sending an email to the company requesting them to delete your online account.


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