How to install virtual box

 How to Install Virtual Box on Windows 10

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VirtualBox could be an all-purpose virtualization tool for x86 and x86-64 hardware, targeted at server, desktop, and embedded use, that permits users and directors to simply run multiple guest-in operation systems on one host.

Step 1 : Open Browser & Visit Virtual Box website / Click here to visit Virtual Box website

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Step 2: Click on Download Virtual Box. The button in the middle of

Step 3: Click on Windows hots, It will start download automatically.

Step 4: After completion of download. Open the VirtualBox EXE file, Double click the file.

Step 5:  The pop up will appear for Installation.

Step 6: Navigate through the installation prompts. Do the following:

  • Click Next on the first three pages.
  • Click Yes when prompted.
  • Click Install 
  • Click Yes when prompted.

Step 7 : Click On Finish When prompted. Doing so will close the installation window and open VirtualBox. Now that you've installed and opened VirtualBox, you can Create a Virtual Machine in order to run any operating system on your PC.


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